Great Economic Potential for the People of Iraq?

Um…  Tourist attraction?  Island of western antiquarianism?  Original brick?  Water Table?  Is this worth the effort?  Who is it really for?  How will it affect the future of Iraq

You decide about the wisdom of this $700,000 State Department/World Monuments Fund Project:


2 thoughts on “Great Economic Potential for the People of Iraq?

  1. after fmore than 40 years in Iraq and it’s neighboring countries, the preservation of so many sites is necessary. the loss of the statues of Buddah in Afganistan is an example of true loss to the world , destroyed by the uneducated.

    Marian Saleh, the match to Petra Jordanian ruins are at high risk by the same mentiality in saudi arabia.

    only one word of caution, the world may want this preservation and can prove that the preservation is economically logical for the local people of these areas, yet the people themselves have proven historically to be totally unstable and almost insensitive to anything ancient, and easily propagandized to believe that anything that pre-dates their present civilization or current religion is then against God and must be either ignorred or destroyed. do not take this lightly as this is the rule of these lands that others want to instill other values to. in short…good thoughts and good deads will be misunderstood as meddling and against the present nature of these nations. one could start a war by trying to help in good works, leave such issues to the experts

    • well… I don’t know what “the people” will or will not do. But I would be careful of over-optimistic projections of economic benefit from tourism– and assume that the “good deeds” are done by and primarily for western expert consultants.

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