The New Commandments

I am a huge Christopher Hitchens fan.  Read this and be sure to watch the video.


3 thoughts on “The New Commandments

  1. Fan or not, but four (4) versions of the 10 Commandments? Should we bother considering the opinion of a man who either can’t be bothered to read the text he’s criticizing or blatantly misrepresents it to suit his own agenda?

  2. Are we quibbling over which textual variants qualify as “different versions” or are you really suggesting that there is only ONE invariant list of 10? Hard to see that you have actually bothered to read the texts you are referring to unless it suits an “agenda.” Why don’t you like Hitchens’s new list?

  3. AFAIK there are 2.
    We don’t know what was on the broken tablets. And the curses in Deuteronomy are not purported to be 10 Commandments. In fact, there are several hundred more commandments interspersed throughout the text.

    I have no problem with Hitchens’ commandments. As long as they don’t (eventually) start killing people for choosing to not follow them.

    BTW there is a thing I do agree with Hitchens on: the more staunch the supporter of the 10 (especially in public display) the less he knows about them.

    That said, do ends really justify the means? Do we lie to or mislead people for the noble goal of “freeing their minds”?

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