The Graveyard of Broken Dreams

Let’s see…  Here’s my tentative list of the top 10 recent dubious attempts to resurrect the objective, archaeological credibility of biblical history. 

(I have omitted the outlandish theories of Scientific Creationism, the “discovery” of Noah’s Ark, and the Shroud of Turin, which are in a class by themselves). 

The following are some that have actually been reported in the mainstream media and/or the scholarly literature…

1.  The Khirbet Qeiyafa Inscription

2. The “Palace of David”

3.  The “James Brother of Jesus” Ossuary

4.  The Jehoash “Inscription”

5. “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”

6.  “Joshua’s Altar”

7.  The Khirbet en-Nahash Excavations

8.  The Tel Zayit Inscription

9. Bill Dever’s public appearances

10.  Larry Stager’s career

And a Lifetime Achievement Award to The Biblical Archaeology Review

*   *   *

 Additional nominations and comments will be accepted with great interest!


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