Lake Monster Legend to Attract Tourists to Northwestern Bulgaria


“5 February 2010 | A project to re-enact the legend about the evil water bull living in the depths of the Rabishko Lake in north-western Bulgaria, seeks to becoming the region’s next tourist attraction.

The Ribishko Lake is located in close vicinity of the Belogradchik Rocks and the Magura Cave, two of the region’s main tourist attractions.

The new project, aimed at attracting additional tourists, has been submitted as part of the European Commission’s EDEN project, which seeks to highlight non-traditional tourists destinations. This year’s EDEN theme is Aquatic Tourism.

The project envisions for local actors to reenact the legend about the mythical creature known as the evil water bull, which has been taking a human sacrifice each year, thus torturing the local population for thousands of years. In order to appease it, people would throw gifts in the water, such as flowers and fruits, but those would not do. The locals then sacrificed the village’s most beautiful maiden. The monster fell in love with her and asked his sister Drought to make her immortal. In this way, she became his wife and they lived in the Ribeshko Lake happily ever after.

The project will first compete with other projects from Bulgaria, as EDEN only selects one destination per country. The selected destinations receive financial support, as well as advertisement and an award as an excellent European tourist destination.

The Belogradchik Rocks was the Bulgarian destination awarded by EDEN in 2008, when the theme was Tourism and local intangible heritage.”


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